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Embracing a Bit of Silence May Just Be The Trick to Set You Right

Day 95 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Photo Challenge: Silence

It’s the end of a very productive 4 day workshop, my inner hermit is yearning to retreat into silence, away from the high energy demands of my work life. I find that to recharge, to find my center, I need to slip into a bit of welcoming silent solitude. Quite the opposite from my outward facilitator role where I’m always engaging.

Get Comfortable

The first thing I do when my world becomes overwhelming is chuck my workwear. I put on my comfiest, softest pajamas embracing cozy. Just this one act, of stripping away the day (and tossing my bra) starts me on my journey to disconnect.

Retreat to havens of tranquility

My bed is my haven. It the one place in the whole world that I can just be. I’ve dressed it with layers of softness, textures and colors. Ive crowned it with nests of down pillows encased in rotating pillow cases that suits my mood. This is my haven. It’s my retreat where I shut out chaotic noise.

Everyone’s haven is different. But it’s important to discover your tranquil haven, the place that soothes you into quiet tranquility where words are unnecessary.

Surround yourself with things you love

Flowers make me happy. I saw these beautiful yellow pops of color at Trader Joe’s and I knew they had to come home with me to grace my bedside table.

Books find their way to settle around my bed, like happy puppies, gleefully waiting for me to pick them up, caressing worn pages.

The Reward

Giving myself permission to embrace a quiet evening in bed, surrounded by things I love is a favorite way to recharge. My over stimulated body needs this healing, silent time to reframe the days accomplishments. It allows me time for reflection. It makes me a happier person. And it gives me the boost I need to dive, head first, into another very active day giving my best to some pretty fabulous people like you. And that’s a pretty good pay off.

Sending you love and happiness.


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