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Turning 50 is NOT all Rainbows and Unicorns.

Day 97 – #100HappyDays Challenge

Hello Sunday!

How ya feeling? Life going your way? Yeah, I hear you.

Yesterday, when spending a fab day out with my girlfriend, I shared with her an upcoming dreaded screening later in the week.

Welcome to 50.

“How are you going to treat yourself afterward?” She asked.

To be honest I hadn’t really thought about it. I just tend to barrel though the days, ignoring celebratory moments. Especially when it comes to me. I’ve never enjoyed calling attention to myself. It’s makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Tom Volkar writes in his post Five Good Reasons to Celebrate, “Celebration helps us stay in the present where our power is. By celebrating the completion of every small step, we leverage the powerful energies of gratitude and momentum.”

Ding, Ding, Ding. Read the article above  to reaffirm all the reasons to celebrate. I’ve reread it a few times.

It’s time for me to put some strategy in place to stop skipping this very important life step. And, hey, this is my best year ever, right!?! Plus, it is a pretty “OMG, I did it!” event which deserves at least a bouquet of flowers or maybe a slice of cake or dinner out with my beautiful daughter who is coming into town to be with me.

AnyHOO, speaking of cake, look what we stumbled on yesterday… the sweetest bakery in the Village; Susie Cakes.

Of course as soon as I saw (and tasted a yummy sample) of the tropical coconut cake I knew a slice was coming home with me. I wrapped it up tight and put it in the fridge to enjoy later.

What do you enjoy doing to celebrate small steps? Or Big steps?

Share your favorite celebration in the comments below. I’d love to hear how you celebrate you. It just may help me out a bit!

Sending you love and happiness.


6 thoughts on “Turning 50 is NOT all Rainbows and Unicorns.

  1. April, I view 50+ as the Honeybadger stage of life. I have been telling people I’m 50 for about six months. In actuality, I won’t be there for another 15 months, but I wanted to get on with the honeybadger part. And kudos to you for the colonoscopy. A little anxiety-producing, but now you’re good for another 5000 miles. 😉

    1. I love your take on this next part of our lives. I kinda feel like a teenager with a whole world of possibilities opening up ahead of me. Will gladly bypass the dreaded screenings but other than that I’m ready for the HoneyBadger stage of life!

    1. Oh you crack me up! I flunk out all the time especially on the tech side of self hosting. I just go with it. What the heck, right? How are you doing? Really wishing you lots of happiness! Stay warm up there ❤️

    1. Hi! I’m actually enjoying this launch into my fifties. You are so right – it’s a lot of fun. Ok, minus the upcoming screening. I could do without that. LoL thanks for stopping by and giving me the moral support to persevere. ❤️

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