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Epic Fail – At Least I Tried.

Spoiler alert; I got a big, fat F on my colonoscopy. Yep. They couldn’t complete it. The doc wants me to come back. Mmmm

I really went into the whole event giving it my all. I read the directions of the prep ahead of time.

I stocked up on liquids, ensuring I didn’t eat any solids for a day and a half. I’m a little hyper-vigilant, always over preparing like arriving 2 hours before my flight and following the “rules” to the letter.

I got out comfy drawstring PJs, easy to pull up and down for those urgent moments. Plus I always find facing uncomfortable situations wearing something pretty makes it a little easier to manage.

I put fresh bedding on my bed, adding another down comforter for added warmth. I get cold easy, especially running on zero calories and being a few pounds lighter.

The clock struck the top of the hour. It was time to drink.

And here is where the tale took an ugly turn. I stood in the kitchen and began to drink the 16oz mixture. How hard can that be? Mmmmm….by the third or fourth swallow something began to happen. And not what was suppose to.

My skin began to turn red and itch, my nose began to run and then that familiar histamine allergy reaction began to bubble up.


I put the solution down scrambling for straight water hoping to minimize the reaction. I wasn’t shocked or even a little surprised. I have a tendency to experience allergy attacks at the worse times. Benadryl followed. And then another tablet. The nausea sent me to bed, spending an uncomfortable night.

There you have it. My epic fail at the cleanse. I don’t think the doctor appreciated my explanation. Since I was there for both lower and upper screenings At least I got the upper done and recovering tonight.

It’s going to take quite a bit of convincing for me to try again on the lower. Here’s to being 50!

Sending you love and happiness!


7 thoughts on “Epic Fail – At Least I Tried.

  1. Your Dr. didn’t like that you had an allergic reaction to the drink? So are you supposed to drink it again, use your Epipen and hope you survive?? Is there a drink for those who have allergic reactions? Sorry you had to go thru all that, but I appreciate all your prep work. 😉

    1. The doctor was a fill-in for my original doctor who had a family emergency. Awe well. I know there are other methods that can be explored down the line. I’m just happy I can enjoy a cup of coffee today! 🤪

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