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Single Gal’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Tick tock, tick tock, one of my least favorite days is just a few days away. It’s not because I’m single. Even when happily coupled I always felt as if there was an uncomfortable pressure to conform to a perfect romantic picture. I tend to think that between the media and social pressures it can make Valentine’s Day quite the opposite of what’s its suppose to be.

That’s just not real life. Especially life after 50.

So in the spirit of loving ourselves while ignoring all the Hallmark-pretty-pink-heart-pictures here are a few fun ways to celebrate the infamous date of February 14th.

Be Nice to You

Buy a pretty dress that YOU love.

Or if you are more of a jeans and T-shirt sorta gal then find the perfect fit that makes your heart happy. I’m a fan of Paige jeans because they seem to fit well. But find your favorite and treat yourself.

Indulge in A Favorite Treat

What’s your favorite go to comfort food? Set aside all the diets, ignore calorie counts and make this the day to treat yourself with whatever makes you happy.

I’d pair February 14th with a decadent box of chocolates. I know it’s kind of a cliche but I love to keep a box of chocolate in my freezer. Then every once in awhile, I’ll pull a frozen piece out to enjoy.

Let’s be honest, a glass of wine may be on my menu for the evening too. Lately I’ve really been loving buttery whites. But whatever indulgent treat that makes you happy go for it. Remember, this is all about making YOU happy.

Make It Fun

Plan dinner out with friends and wear your new dress. Make it a party out celebrating all your favorite people with little heart felt trinkets to spread the love. I think everyone needs a little unicorn magic in their lives.

Or go ahead, stay in. After all Valentine’s Day falls mid-week this year, so you may just want to order your favorite take out. Do you have a favorite movie? Hit play. You are queen of the remote.

There you have it. A few tips on enjoying a day that’s sometimes not as enjoyable as all the ad campaigns will have us believe – especially for those of us who are single.

Before I forget, one more tip that might make your day; send yourself flowers. Don’t forget to write an extra sweet note “to the one you love” – you deserve it!

Sending you love and happiness!

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Side Note: I’m playing along with the Good For The Heart – Good For The Brain Challenge #GFTH-GFTB . Interested in playing? Checkout Shelley’s blog Quaint Revival for her guidelines and then stay awhile and indulge in her funny, insightful posts.

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